Direct Hire Employees

With Our Direct Hire Services, We Help You Find the Perfect Fit for Your Team and Achieve Long-Term Success.

Direct Hire Employees

We here at Precise Personnel help save your time by providing your business assistance with our Direct Hire services. Direct Hire gives you the benefit of Precise Personnel Staffing’s high standard for recruiting and qualifying.

You will receive customized services that include recruitment of highly skilled employees, screening and interviews, skill testing and reference checks so that you and your organization receive the best employees out of the lot who can meet all your requirements. You can screen and interview potential candidates and hire them directly on your payroll. You can be assured that you will get the best candidate to meet your needs. We assure you that all our Direct Hire candidates are employees who are the best in their specific fields.

How Direct Hire works

With our Direct Hire service, we provide you the opportunity to communicate your specific business requirements and precisely outline the qualities you seek in candidates. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we will initiate the process of screening potential candidates and present you with a carefully curated list for your review. Once you have approved a candidate, you can proceed to hire them immediately, ensuring a swift and efficient recruitment process. Our Direct Hire service aims to simplify your hiring journey by promptly connecting you with qualified individuals who meet your criteria, allowing you to swiftly secure the talent you need for your organization.


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