We align incentives so you'll know we're in it together

Helping your business achieve growth is crucial.

We align incentives so you'll know we're in it together

Helping your business achieve growth is crucial.

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We here at Precise Personnel help save your time by providing your business assistance with our Direct Hire services. Direct Hire gives you the benefit of Precise Personnel Staffing’s high standard for recruiting and qualifying.


You will receive customized services that include recruitment of highly skilled employees, screening and interviews, skill testing and reference checks so that you and your organization receive the best employees out of the lot who can meet all your requirements. You can screen and interview potential candidates and hire them directly on your payroll. You can be assured that you will get the best candidate to meet your needs. We assure you that all our Direct Hire candidates are employees who are the best in their specific fields.

How Direct Hire works

With our Direct Hire service, you can share with us your precise business needs and tell us exactly what you are looking for. Once we note down your needs, we will begin screening potential candidates and share a list of candidates for your approval. Once a candidate is approved, you can hire him or her on the spot.

Key Benefits of the Service

At Precise Personnel, we help companies at every stage of growth, developing custom solutions and collaborating with all levels of your business. We are an extension of your HR team and bring along the following when you partner with us:

  • We help you understand employee behaviors and what they reveal
  • We help break down barriers to communication within your firm
  • We help resolve the pricing paradox to enable growth
  • We help align your brand strategy with key objectives
  • We help companies nurture loyal employees reducing turnover

Businesses that rely on large numbers of supplemental staff members for special projects, sick leave and other situations.

The greatest return on your staffing dollar through economies of scale, reduced staff time and the successful sourcing of highly trained onsite staff.

Executive recruitment for a variety of positions from receptionist to administrative clerical.

Interim staffing for those special projects or seasons as well as value-added support to fill in leaves of absences.

Payment of all appropriate federal and state taxes, insurance coverage, workers’ compensation and unemployment.

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